All types of residential work, from general servicing to complete new installations. Security door locks, garage doors, and normal doors, external and internal. All are serviced.


Our commercial work includes all the residential, and has the addition of restricted keying systems, master keying, and door closers. All in addition to general servicing and maintenance.

Electronic Security

We can advise on, supply and install all sorts of standalone electronic security locks, ranging from simple digital keypads to more sophisticated biometric and RF card reader locks. We can also design and install fixed systems that can be programmed remotely.

Restricted systems

Businesses and homes can benefit from our restricted key systems. Stops people from getting keys cut whenever they like by having authorised signatories registered with us.

Master keying

We can design and implement master key systems for access control ranging from a simple 2 level system to secure 1 or 2 areas to massive grand master systems that control who can go where depending on what key they have.

Limited automotive

Automotive locksmithing is becoming more and more specialised, and being a fully mobile based general locksmith, we are unable to provide for all vehicles. We tend to limit our automotive to earlier vehicles before transponders became commonplace.